All burgers include our own special sauce with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion

Daves Big Deluxe $6.15

Daves Big Deluxe w/ Cheese $6.85

Daves Double Big Deluxe $7.65

Daves Double Big Deluxe w/ Cheese $8.35

BBQ Burger $5.95

Texas Hold'em $7.95

Tapatio Burger $7.85

Deluxe Burger $5.95

Deluxe Cheese Burger $6.65

Double Burger $7.15

Double Cheese Burger $7.85

Junior Burger $4.45

Junior Cheeseburger $5.09

Hamie $7.65

Beast Burger $8.65

Atomic Ghost Burger $7.85

Jamaican Burger $5.95

Wild Card Burger $7.85

Veggie Burger $6.99

We also have Beefalo $6.29

*less fat
*less cholesterol meat

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